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Chrysanthemum "Mum"

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    Chrysanthemum "Mum"

    Style # 158F-158B-158R-147L
    Price: $295.00

    Casual full-length contoured jacket in luscious velvet block-printed in Rajasthan. Contrasting accent trim. Collar and cuffs can be worn up or back. Contrasting velvet buttons. Two slit pockets. Jazzy printed lining. Great with jeans, skinny pants, or leggings. Sophisticated look with comfortable fit. Leopard print jacket Style #147L available in the same silhouette.
    Sizes XS-2XL.

    Dry clean only.

    Call 508.971.0795 to Order

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    Fawn -158F
    Blue - 158B
    Pumpkin?Sage 158PS